HP Slate 500 gets official

US release for much-maligned tablet

Business-friendly iPad rival finally goes on sale.

Cast your mind back to early January, and you might remember Steve Ballmer talking up a certain HP Slate as the future of Windows 7. Fast forward ten months and the HP Slate 500, as it’s now known, has finally go on sale in the States, but not in quite the same way HP had intended.

See, rather than being an iPad battler, this is a tablet very much aimed at business types. This is a far cry from when it was first seen, a week prior to Apple unveiling its effort, when the suggestion was it would give Windows 7 a toehold in the nascent tablet market.

So what’s inside? Well, an Intel Atom processor, Windows 7, a front-facing camera for vide calling, 2GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD. All that and Full HD video support, letting you either watch clips on the 8.9-inch screen or play them back via HDMI using the bundled dock.

At $800 (£508), it’s not obscenely priced. But with HP prepping webOS tablets for next year, is it really worth plumping for? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.