HP Pre 3 UK launch today

webOS powered smartphone reaches British shores

The HP Pre 3 got its UK launch today allowing punters to get their hands on the webOS smartphone

The HP Pre 3 got its UK launch today after online tech stockists Clove confirmed it would be offering the handset from today with deliveries reaching punters doors by tomorrow.

The webOS handset is HP's latest incarnation of the Pre series which is known for its superb but under-appreciated OS and the wireless charghing dock. As with the Pre 2, the Pre 3 comes with a QWERTY slide-out keyboard but also offers a beefy 1.4Ghz dual-core processor and 3.6" touchscreen.

One of the new features the Pre 3 will offer is the 'Touch 2 Share' function which works with the HP TouchPad by sharing images and website links by simply tapping the two devices together. So far only Orange has confirmed that it will be selling the HP Pre 3, but only through 3rd party stockists, leaving online tech stockists as the main source for getting your hands on one.

Will you be forking out for the webOS smartphone or is webOS just not your cup of tea? Let me know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.