HP: PalmPad coming "early 2011"

webOS effort slips to next year according to HP exec

No word on specs, but expect to see the PalmPad at next year's CES gadget megashow.

The much-vaunted PalmPad, HP’s webOS packing iPad rival, has been pushed back until “early 2011.” That’s according to HP’s Todd Bradley, who said during a conference call that the new device was on the cards.

Bradley also said that the HP Slate, the business-only Windows 7 tablet, would be rocking up “in the near future.” But it’s chatter about the PalmPad that’s got gadget fanatics waiting in anticipation.

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There’s still no word on what exactly the device will come loaded up with, aside from webOS. Will it use a stylus and conventional touchscreen? And will it be bigger than the 9.7-inch iPad?

The early 2011 release date could well mean Palm and HP will bring the PalmPad to CES in Las Vegas. Following the Palm Pre’s huge success at the gadget bash in 2009, surely HP will be looking for a similar win at the start of next year.

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Via Electronista