HP Movie Store lands on TouchPad

US webOS tab owners get first taste of HP movie package

No word on when us Brits will get a slice of the action.

HP has finally rolled out its much-mooted Movie Store for the TouchPad. The rental service had been promised for months in the run up to the slate’s release, but only appeared as a pared down basic offering when the TouchPad launched.

Now though, US owners can get to grips with a stack of movies and TV shows. The latter can be snagged for $1.99 rental, while films start at $2.99. Alternatively, there’s an option to buy flicks from $9.95.

The attention now turns to whether a cloud music offering will also be launched for the TouchPad. If so, the tab should be well on its way to being able to compete with the raft of Google Android tablets out there, even if the iPad looks as if it will remain well out of reach.

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Via Digital Trends