HP Envy 17 3D laptop unveiled using ATI's active 3D system

Media-hungry notebook notches things up a dimension

Nvidia's 3D system snubbed in favour of ATI's solution

The HP Envy 17, which debuted in May and has only recently seen its UK launch, has just made the jump into 3D, ranking it among the biggest 3D laptops on offer.

The huge 17-inch Envy, designed to be a stylish desktop replacement and Macbook Pro-style media mogul, will make the jump thanks to ATI’s active shutter 3D system, not the Nvidia 3D solution that most of its competitors have opted for.

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The 3D Envy 17 will ship with one pair of the active 3D glasses (though more can be bought), and work with a claimed 200 games. We’d struggle to think of a laptop more ready for 3D, as aside from the sheer size of the thing, the Envy 17 boasts one of the crispest 1080p displays in the game.

The HP Envy 17 with 3D will set you back £1,559 and will be out in October, but will be available to pre-order imminently.

Link: HP