HP dropping webOS hardware surprises industry retailers

Exclusive: Tech retailers tell T3 webOS sales "have been good"

HP webOS cull a shock to retailers as webOS hardware such as the HP TouchPad and Pre 3 reportedly sell well

HP’s decision to cease production of all webOS hardware has come as a shock to industry retailers with online outlet Clove Technology telling T3 that sales of webOS devices “have been good.”

The move, which came less than two months after the HP TouchPad UK release date and just two days after the HP Pre 3 launched, caught many off guard with the webOS operating which was first created by Pre now on the brink of abandonment.

"I'm quite surprised that HP has made the decision to stop making hardware for webOS so soon after taking it over,” said Chris Ward of online retailer Clove Technology talking exclusively with T3. He added: “It’s a great platform.”

With HP bringing a swift end to the production of webOS hardware in order to focus on “the exploration of strategic alternatives for its Personal Systems Group,” early adopters of the TouchPad and Pre 3 will no doubt be concerned about continued support for the service.

“Despite the long wait between the new webOS devices being announced and released, over 6 months in total I think, we've had strong interest in the Pre 3 and sales have been good upon launch,” said Ward. “While some people may be put off by the uncertainty of the future of the OS, we have found that webOS has a strong following and I think that the majority of fans will stick by it.”

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