HP deciding fate of webOS today?

Major meeting called to decide future of the operating system

This year has proven to be a truly tumultuous year for HP and it's webOS operating system however it looks like today could be the final day of speculation

HP is reportedly deciding today whether to keep their webOS operating system or to sell it off after HP confirmed that it would cease production of both the HP TouchPad and their smartphone range.

According to PreCentral HP's CEO Meg Whitman has apparently called for a general meeting of all the senior-staff in the company today to come to a final decision concerning the OS.

This will be the second decisive decision made by the companies CEO Meg Whitman after she made the bold move of regaining control of HP's PC division following speculation as to whether the company would permanently move into software.

The company had originally planned to sell of both the mobile and OS divisions of the company in an effort to try and gain back some of the money spent on buying Palm, however this is now the issue under discussion after the HP TouchPad experienced huge sales when it was drastically dropped in price.

What do you think, should HP bring back webOS to the market or move into other sectors? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

HP TouchPad video

Source: PreCentral