How to rebuild civilisation

British graffiti artist gives a glimpse at the gadgets you might need in future

It's a question we often ask: what tools would we need to survive a nuclear war?

British grafitti artist, Boxi has thankfully come up with the answer.

As part of his debut solo exhibition at the Lazarides Gallery on Rothbone Street in London, he has created "Time Capsule", an in-depth picture of all the toosl one might need.

From axes, spanners, even books on forgotten worlds are in the drawing.

Sadly, no iPhone 5 was included.

Other work at the exhibition includes “THE WANDERER (after Caspar David Friedrich)” involves painting an entire white wall using meticulous cutting techniques and an extensive pallet of muted colours to portray a dystopic urban scene.

Boxi: Time Of The Signs at the Lazarides Gallery, Rathbone Street, London, 29 July – 1 September.