Holographic security staff materialise at UK airports

Virtual staffers on-hand to speed up airport security

The future is here, and it wants you to remove your belt and shoes.

Holiday makers jetting off from London Luton or Manchester airport will be greeted at security by a pseudo-holographic double team of staffers in a bid to speed up security checks.

The two new virtual members of staff, named Holly and Graham (geddit?) are tasked with reminding passengers to take off shoes and belts, remove laptops and advise them on the restrictions on liquids in carry-on luggage as they pass through security.

The virtual staffers are, according to managing director of Luton airport Glyn Jones, far from just gimmicks. "They are absolutely remarkable to look at," he said to the BBC, "they will catch people's attention and also be really consistent in the message that they give." He'll get no argument from us - watch the BBC clip in full yourself for a peek.

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