Hitman to get movie reboot

New Hitman movie to star Fast And The Furious actor Paul Walker

Paul Walker is set to star in a movie based on the Hitman videogame franchise, called Agent 47

Does anyone remember the Hitman movie? No? It came out in 2007 and starred the usually-excellent Timothy Olyphant as gaming's iconic bald, bar-coded killer. It was absolutely awful and critics pretty much universally hated it; it currently has a 35 rating on Metacritic and Mr Olyphant has moved on play US Marshall Raylan Givens in the superb TV series Justified.

This may be why he's not in line to reprise his role as Agent 47 in a new film based on the Hitman videogame series. According to a report on Deadline, Fox International Productions is going to try and reboot the Hitman movie series and have cast Paul Walker to star as the titular contract killer. The movie will be entitled 'Agent 47' and the screenplay is set to be penned by Skip Woods and Michael Finch, the scribes behind the forthcoming A Good Day To Die Hard. It's possible Fox's interest in the Hitman movie series may have been rekindled by the recent success of Hitman Absolution, which in spite of some mixed reviews, is still selling very respectably.

Paul Walker has appeared in numerous movies, but is best known for starring in the Fast And Furious films alongside the gravel-throated, bald-headed Vin Diesel, who, if he's seen what Agent 47 looks like, is probably somewhere firining his agent as I type this.