Hitman Absolution Contracts mode announced

Hitman Absolution trailer shows off brand new Contracts mode

Hitman Absolution looks set to offer a new Contract mode in which players can create challenges for each other from levels in the game

Hitman Absolution's new Contract mode has been unveiled at the Gamescom videogames expo in Cologne, and it looks like it offers a neat twist on challenge-based gameplay.

The new mode tasks players to compete for bragging rights by speedily completing contracts based on the game's levels, and then create challenges for other players. It sticks to the open-ended structure of classic Hitman gameplay and it was apparently inspired by the game's fan base, who challenged each other on forums.

Players select a load-out of weapons and disguises and then head into one of the game's levels. They then carry out a contract on a character of their choice and up to three targets can be selected. They're then tasked with completing the contract and heading to the level's exit point as quickly as possible. The Pay-Out amount for each contract depends on the player's speed of completion and whether or not they've satisfied certain conditions. Players can spend the money they make on more weapons and disguises.

Players can then create a custom-based hit by setting contract perimeter and then challenge other players to complete them in a quicker time frame. IO Interactive, the game's developer, says it will select the five best challenges each week for official leaderboard competitions.

Hitman Absolution is released on November 20th, later this year.