Health monitoring tech to enter all areas of life in 2012

Exclusive: GEAR4 CEO predicts wellbeing monitors will rise to prominence next year

Following the arrival of a host of performance and wellbeing tracking tech in 2011, GEAR4 CEO Tom Dudderidge has said 2012 will see further growth

The rise in sports, fitness and health based tech is set to escalate further during 2012 with industry insiders suggesting the wellbeing market will expand into most facets of users lives.

Speaking exclusively with T3 the head of GEAR4 has predicted that following the arrival of the likes of the Jawbone UP, Motorola MOTOACTV and Zeo Sleep Manager the fledgling tech sector is to go from strength to strength with further products to touch down in a bid to get tech fans active and healthy.

“I really believe that fitness and health monitoring gadgets are going to take off massively in the coming year,” said Tom Dudderidge, Founder and CEO of accessories and audio specialist GEAR4. “We’ve already seen the first parts of this trend with the likes of the interactive and connected weighing scales.”

“We think wellness is going to be one of the most important categories in the appcessories world, it’s the next trend.”

Confirming that GEAR4 will enter the health monitoring tech market next year with the Renew SleepClock monitor, Dudderidge expressed his belief that the average consumer is ready to by in to the idea of monitoring their lives, activity and wellbeing.

“We’ve decided that there is a line between wellness and illness that we don’t want to cross so we’re going to allow the medical industry to do the medical devices. What we’ll do is lifestyle and wellness and fitness devices. The SleepClock is the first of many that we’ve been working on.”

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