Apple iCloud Lawsuit: Disgruntled user files complaint

User files complaint against Apple, accusing the Californian company of 'misleading practices'

Disgruntled iCloud user files lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of a string of "misleading practices" in the advertisement of its cloud service

Apple has been hit with a new lawsuit which claims that the company participated in "unfair, unlawful, deceptive, and misleading practices" while advertising its iCloud service.

The complaint was filed earlier this week in a US court by plaintiff Danyelle Comer and lays bare a catalogue of errors by Apple that led to a botched transition from the subscription-based MobileMe service to its iCloud successor, AppleInsider reports.

The complaint reads: "Throughout the migration, Apple failed to adequately ensure that features MobileMe users were paying for would be accessible, including access to their e-mail accounts for which customers pay additional fees."

"As a result, numerous MobileMe users suffered damage from the inability to access their individual accounts."

According to the suit, the Californian firm “misrepresented” its new cloud service – which enables users to store, update and access their files from a virtual storage facility – and failed to adequately prepare for the changeover, leading to a series of “devastation consequences” that resulted in some users being left out of pocket.

"Unfortunately for many users it doesn't 'just work' and has resulted in a series of headaches due to lack of syncing ability, lack of email functionality and other complications and losses and corruption of data," the complaint states.

"In fact a number of users have been forced to hire outside technical assistance at significant cost, just to migrate to the iCloud platform or get around it to obtain minimal functionality of emails and other systems."

Apple’s subscription-based MobileMe service, which is now closed to new subscribers, is a set of internet tools that offers webhosting and an online storage feature, as well as a batch of other functions.

It was announced last June that the service would be replaced by the more efficient and user-friendly iCloud. However, pre-existing MobileMe users still have access to the service until end of June.