Hasbro sues Asus over Transformer Prime name

Toy maker gets involved with the world of tablets

As if the Apple vs. the world patent battle wasn't bad enough it now looks like Hasbro is to sue Asus over its latest iPad 2 competitor the Transformer Prime

Hasbro is to sue Asus over the name of its latest iPad 2 competitor and tablet the Asus Transformer Prime claiming that the name is a copyright infringement and will affect the branding of Hasbro.

The toy maker believes that the name is a direct violation of their intellectual property in regards to the hugely succesful Transformers franchise and could potentially harm their business.

While the law usually goes for names that clash in the same catagory of product Hasbro is obviously unable to prove this (with one being a toy, the other a high-end Android tablet), instead the company will argue that because their brand is expanding it could clash in the future.

It's a fairly big ask in any case, especially considering the tablet contains no insignia that could confuse a consumer between the two brands and while the name is admittedly similar the tablet certainly doesn't turn into a walking robot (we checked, much to our disappointment).

What do you think, is this a step too far or does Hasbro have a point? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: paidContent