Harry Potter eBooks put on hold by JK Rowling

Author continues to stall digital boy wizard releases

Potter eBooks still some way off

The phenomenally popular series of Harry Potter novels will not hit eBook readers in the near future as author JK Rowling continues to stall plans of digitally converting the boy wizard tales.

Refuting recent claims in a number of Scottish newspapers that have suggested Rowling is on the brink of unleashing the Potter franchise in a digital book form, the authors agent, Neil Blair at the Christopher Little Agency, has stated there is “nothing more to say” on the matter.

Despite Blair last year confirming to industry publication the Bookseller that Rowling was actively considering Harry Potter eBooks, the seven strong series which gripped an entire generation of readers and has sparked a series of movies that will culminate this July with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 2, such releases have yet failed to materialise.

Speaking on the prospect of Harry Potter eBooks Waterstone’s spokesperson Jon Howells told The Guardian such a release would be a “massive story.”

Howells added: "They are the biggest book property of recent decades, with a legion of fans who have read them a dozen times and want to read them again in the way they want.” He concluded: “Seven guaranteed top-selling eBooks just waiting to happen".

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Via: Guardian | Via: TechRadar