H&M launches free iPhone fashion app

Check shirts and skinny jeans come to your iPhone

Search for your favourite items and add them to a wishlist

While Facebook Places is obviously the biggest app news of the day, this H&M clothing application may also catch the eye of the fashion-conscious, budget-restricted downloader out there.

The high street clothing chain today announced the launch of its first iPhone applicaiton, which will allow shoppers to cycle through the latest ranges and get first access to exclusive offers.

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The free applicaiton doesn't let you buy anything from the store, but you can add items to your wishlist, be pointed in the direction of your nearest store, as well as share your favourites via email and Facebook.

While the menswear section of our local store seems to have diminished in size of late, we can be partial to a little bit of H&M in these challenging economic times and while pretty low on content we reckon this app might just be worth a look.

Link: H&M