Halo: Reach doubles Xbox 360 sales

UK sales up by 99 per cent since killer title's release

Limited edition console and demand for new game give Microsoft a welcome boost.

Halo: Reach might be suffering from some nasty multiplayer niggles right now. But that’s not stopped it causing a surge in Xbox 360 sales. Gfk-ChartTrack, which looks at console sales here in the UK, reckons the Xbox 360 has experienced a massive 99 per cent surge in the last week.

Word is that the limited edition Halo: Reach hub played a big part, but it seems quite a few of the 300,000 who bought it on release day nabbed a standard Xbox 360 too.

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Hopefully most of those punters landed an Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive. Those with the 4GB model have been unable to get online and take on all-comers or just their pals, leading Microsoft to acknowledge the problem and promise a fix.

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Via Eurogamer