Halo Anniversary Edition gaming evenings with GAME

Gamers given chance to play the hugely anticipated title early at two GAME stores

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With the release just a few weeks away Game is giving avid Halo fans a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with Halo: Anniversary Edition the revamp of the title that started it all

Game are hosting two Halo gameplay evenings which will give gamers the chance to get their hands on Halo: Anniversary Edition early, the HD-update of the classic Halo: Combat Evovled.

The two stores that will host the evening for one night only is Game's flagship store in Birmingham New Street and Kingston-Upon-Thames and will run from 7-10pm on Friday 4 November and 12 November respectively. Crammed full of iconic Halo memorabilia the aim is to give Halo fans the ultimate Halo gaming experience with competitions which could see attendees winning consoles, Xbox Live Gold memberships and of course copies of the game.

Halo: Anniversary Edition

Lovingly revamped by studio 343 Industries it's a complete overlay on top of the old game, with completely updated graphics, newly recorded sound and a whole range of unlockable content which reveals tantalising glimpses towards the upcoming Halo 4.

One of the neat features which will be included with the game is the ability to switch over in real-time between the updated overlay and the original graphics and sound so that gamers can see just how far the game has come since it was first launched. There'll also be a range of Kinect features available with voice-commands and a library of trivia about the Halo universe containing 3D-models which can only be used through Kinect.

The game is out on the 15 November, will you be queuing to get your hands on the classic Halo title? Let us know via the comments box below..