Half of Britons 'regret' their latest mobile choice

New research shows updated handsets are to blame

Survey says 52 per cent of Britons wish they had chosen a different phone.

The majority of mobile phone owners are unhappy with their choice of handset and wish they had waited for an updated model to land, a new study has found.

A poll of 1,987 people for goodmobilephones.co.uk has found that 54 per cent of respondents wished they had held back on their purchase because ‘a newer model had become available soon afterwards’.

A further 26 per cent of those who replied said they had found a model they ‘preferred’ after they committed to the purchase with many now planning on paying out their contract in order to update to their newly desired device.

Perhaps indicatively of the purchasing power of those who regretted their choice of mobile, 43 per cent said they would have preferred an iPhone, whilst 28 per cent said they would have chosen a BlackBerry.

To achieve their desired upgrades, 32 per cent of respondents confirmed they had paid off a contract to get a new handset. Furthermore, an unsurprising figure of 66 per cent of those surveyed wanted shorter contracts to become available, so that they could upgrade sooner.

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