Half of all tweets come from just 20,000 'elite' Twitter users

0.05 per cent of users account for half of Twitter content

Micro-blogging site filled with few voices

As many as half of all tweets shared via micro blogging site Twitter are created by just 20,000 of the social network’s users, a new study has shown.

Known as ‘elite’ users, the 20,000 most prolific tweeters account for around fifty per cent of the service’s content despite the social outlet, which celebrated its fifth birthday last week, hosting well over 200 million registered accounts.

The study carried out by Yahoo! researchers analysed 260 million tweets posted to the web’s number two social media outlet between July 28th 2009 and March 8th 2010, using Twitter ‘lists’ to separate ordinary users from the emerging leagues of elite users that comprise of celebrities, media outlets and professional bloggers.

Speaking on the findings a Yahoo! researcher said: “Based on this classification, we find a striking concentration of attention on Twitter - roughly 50 per cent of tweets consumed are generated by just 20,000 elite users- where the media produces the most information, but celebrities are the most followed.”

It was revealed earlier this month that more than one billion tweets are now sent each and every week with daily tweet totals regularly topping ht e140 million mark.

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Via: TheTelegraph