Half Life and Portal movies in the works?

J.J. Abrams says movies based on Valve videogames are in planning stages

Half Life and Portal movies may be in development as Valve head Gabe Newell and Star Trek director J.J. Abrams reveal the two are in talks

It seems you can't turn around these days before yet another film based on a videogame is announced. In the last couple of months, the Hitman, World Of Warcraft and Splinter Cell game franchises have taken a step closer to the Silver Screen, as big name stars and directors have become attached to films based on them. Now, Valve looks like it's ready to enter the cineplex.

At a keynote address at the DICE Summit yesterday, Valve co-founder and President, Gabe Newell, and Bad Robot production studio head, J.J. Abrams announced the two companies will be working together to produces both games and films.

In an interview with gaming website Polygon, Abrams said that plans for movies based on the Half-Life and Portal games are in early planning stages.

"It's as real as anything in Hollywood ever gets," he said "Which is that we are really talking to Valve, we are going to be bringing on a writer, we have a lot of very interesting ideas."

"We're also aware of the cautionary tales of movies that became games and vice versa," he said. "Our goal here to is to treat the world Valve has created in both these properties like anyone would a book or some great story that comes from a pitch or original script - just to treat it with the respect they treat their games and their players with."

J.J. Abrams is scheduled to direct the new Star Wars film and has presided over the TV series Lost, as well as the stunning reboot of the Star Trek movie franchise.