Hackers selling PSN credit card details?

Did Sony decline to buy back the credit card data?

The latest in the PSN hack story...

The latest report about the PlayStation Network outage is that the hackers offered to sell the credit card details. Back to Sony.

The online PlayStation network was hacked causing it to go down, and Sony recently admitted data of its 2.2 million users was stolen.

Sony is rumoured to have been offered the credit card details at a price, but refused to buy them back, according to The New York Times.

The price was reportedly set at $100,000 (nearly £60,000) but Sony has declined that they were ever offered the stolen information by the hackers.

"To my knowledge there is no truth to the report that Sony was offered an opportunity to purchase the list," said SCEA PR boss Patrick Seybold.

Seybold also said there was no evidence that credit card data was taken by the hackers as the entire credit card table was encrypted.

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Via: TechRadar