Guitar Hero suffers slump

Warriors of Rock returns dismal sales figures

Is it all over for the classic music franchise?

Bought Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock yet? If so, it seems you’re in the minority. Figures nabbed by our pals at CVG show that the latest in Activision’s music franchise shifted a mere 86,000 units on all formats in its first week on sale across the pond.

Compare that to predecessor Guitar Hero World Tour’s 500,000 in its first week and Guitar Hero 3’s epic 1.4 million in five days, and it shows just how the series is in seemingly terminal decline.

The new title has been largely well-received, but there’s no denying the hype around Guitar Hero has died off in recent months. The keyboard-packing Rock Band 3, out later this month, will be hoping this isn’t a trend for music gaming and that it can clean up while its rival falters.

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Via Eurogamer