Guild Wars 2 Beta now available on PC

Highly anticipated sequel set to bring new features to MMOs

Guild Wars 2 is hoping to make an impact on the MMO landscape taking on the likes of World of Warcraft and the Old Republic

Guild Wars 2 for PC is now available as a restrictive beta in preparation for a UK release later this year with the MMO planning to rattle a few cages with features that haven't as yet been seen in a multiplayer MMO.

Any decisions that are made within the games storyline will also have huge changes on the world around you, something that could prove highly interesting when you take into account this world is then also inhabited by other players all doing the same.

"With dynamic action-oriented combat, customized personal storylines, intense competitive PvP, and world vs. world battles, Guild Wars 2 has something for every kind of gamer.”

The beta is only available for 48 hours and even during that time you'll need to send off your specs to ArenaNet who will then determine if your machine has the right specs they're looking for.

Guild Wars 2 Trailer