GTA 5 updates visitor's travelogue showing off accommodation and sightseeing

Check out the sorts of lifestyles you can lead ahead of the games release on Sept. 17th

Rockstar Games has updated its site once again showing off accommodations, sightseeing, and 24-hour convenience stores

Ahead of Grand Theft Auto V's launch in just a few days, Rockstar Games has updated the 'Visitor's Travelogue' revealing more about what players can look foward to in Los Santos and Blaine County.

A new commercial has also been released called, 'My Blaine County' showing off a range of activities to do in the area.

Players can expect a range of different accommodations in the new game whether it's a single-family home in South Los Santos, a rural mobile home in Blain County, or a dream mini-mansion in Rockford Hills.

According to Rockstar Games official site, the update "also reveals how you can enhance and extend your criminal career in Grand Theft Auto V with exclusive features strictly for members of the Rockstar Games Social Club."

Players can also check out features such as sightseeing, celebrity spotting, and 24-hour convenience stores.

Last week, GTA 5 released teasers for the extreme sports gameplay and radio station previews ahead of the game's release.

The news followed an earlier trailer showing off GTA Online which brings the ability to play in a 16-play co-op.

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Source: Rockstar Games