Gran Turismo 5 release lands early for many pre-orders

GT5 fans appeased as pre-orders land two days early

GT5 early arrivial makes up for repeated delays

After five years of waiting a few eager Gran Turismo 5 fans are reportedly enjoying the long awaited release earlier than expected as pre-orders begin landing on doorsteps across the country ahead of Wednesday’s official launch.

Gaming site CVG is reporting that a number of readers claim to have received their pre-ordered copies of GT5 in the post two days early offering a small consolation for the repeated delays and the 50 minute install all GT5 users are going to face on first use.

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With more 1,031 vehicles to put through their graphically impeccable paces on 70 circuits, the early arrival of Gran Turismo 5 will give those gamers lucky enough to be on the receiving end of an early copy a head start on unlocking the beasts of the automotive world.

Whilst we sit and wait longingly by our letter boxes until Wednesday we want to know if any of you, our delightful T3 readers have received your pre-ordered copies of Gran Turismo 5 yet?

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