Gran Turismo 5 release hit by online content patch

133MB patch download greats wannabe GT5 online users

Online GT5 content requires initial patch download

As gamers across the globe eagerly pull the plastic wrappers from their new and long awaited copies of Gran Turismo 5 today, those looking to access the title’s online content will be forced to install a new patch.

Released hours ahead of the game in an apparent fix of a previous oversight, new GT5 owners connecting their PS3 consoles to the internet will be required to install a weighty 133MB version 1.01 update which will activate and organise the game’s online modes, something seemingly otherwise unavailable.

With online modes allowing up to 16 gamers to compete against each other in a single high-octane race, online content is sure to be a big pull for the racing game that has been five years in the waiting.

Also slotted in to the 133MB update, is a selection of internet connected add-ons including a main menu news streaming panel and an online license agreement prompt.

Have you already hooked your copies of Gran Turismo 5 and downloaded the initial patch? Let us know if you think this heavily delayed release has been worth the wait via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: CVG