Gran Turismo 5 release first load to take 50 minutes

Eager GT5 fans to be left waiting almost one hour more

GT5 delays topped off by 50 minute load wait

With less than two days to go until the five year wait for Gran Turismo 5 is brought to an end, eager gamers could find the repeated delays prolonged a little longer after it is revealed GT5 will take 50 minutes to install.

With 10GB of free space required on the hard drives of Gran Turismo 5 gamers, GTPlanet forum blogger Amir212, who claims to be in possession of the upcoming release states that: "The game's install takes about 40 minutes. You're warned that it might be closer to 50.”

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"Amar's installation was done in ten minutes less than that, so it presumably depends a little on your model of PS3 and the hard drive you've got installed."

As the hype and anticipation regarding the launch of what is being described as the most graphically accurate and advanced game of all time, users looking to get behind the wheel of the ultimate driving simulator when it hits shelves across the UK on Wednesday will have to ensure they have a spare chunk of space on their PS3’s storage systems.

"The space taken is actually about 6.4GB, but that space gradually unpacks as you're playing to be closer to the previously mentioned 10GB."

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Via: CVG