Gran Turismo 5 release delayed again across Europe

GT5 suffers new set back following latest delay

GT5 facing new release delay

Having been handed an official global release date of November 24th late last week, the already heavily postponed arrival of Gran Turismo 5 looks set to be hit by further delays, it has been revealed.

Despite confirmed to land next Wednesday, a number of official European PlayStation sites are now displaying the release of GT5 as two days later, Friday November 26th. Both the Dutch and French PlayStation websites have been handed this prolonged arrival time with reports suggesting the rest of mainland Europe will be similarly affected.

Whilst the UK PlayStation site still has the launch of Gran Turismo 5 noted as November 24th, given the repeated delays and frequent incidents of the title being pushed back, it would surprise few if the game that has been five years and $60 million in the making remained unobtainable for a little longer.

Although no specific reason has been given for this latest delay, its short nature would suggest an issue with distribution or production and not a further update to the game’s already meticulous levels of detail.

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Via: CVG