Gran Turismo 5 Course Maker leaked in hands-on video

GT5 custom track creator spotted on home video

Gran Turismo 5 leaks ramp up ahead of launch

With the official launch date of Gran Turismo 5 being announced late last week as November 24th, a number of hands-on leaks of the upcoming racing sim have begun to emerge with GT5’s Course Maker getting its outing.

Following countless delays and postponements, GT5 is set to hit UK shelves next week with what will be, judging by the video below, a hearty and extensively customisable track creator option.

With a number of preset tracks to manipulate on all surface types and with interchangeable weather conditions, gamers can get behind the wheel atop their new layout creations as they try to put in the perfect lap. With what looks like a friendly user interface, the Course Maker of the upcoming release should offer some exciting personalisation options to a gaming franchise that has traditionally being quite stoic and straight-laced.

Previously dated to launch on November 2nd, Gran Turismo 5 will put five years or waiting and $60 million of production costs to a final hurrah next week when avid gamers and GT fans will rejoice at its eventual launch.

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