Google's Social Search given global launch

Social Search hits global market following success

19 months on, and Google's Social Search tool becomes available in 19 languages.

Google has finally expanded its Social Search tool to a global market, a full 19 months after its first launch.

The Social Search tool, which catalogues search results based on live content streaming through social outlets such as Facebook and Twitter will be available in 19 different languages, increasing its reach across the globe.

Yohann Coppel, a Google software engineer, wrote on the company blog: “In 2009 we first introduced Social Search on as an experimental feature designed to help you find more relevant information from your friends and the people you care about.

“Since then we’ve been making steady improvements to connect you with more people and more relevant web results. Today, we’re bringing Social Search to more users around the globe.”

Social Search was first used in October 2009, including searches linked to a “friend”, with the standard results. Google collaborates your “friends” through tools such as Gmail, Buzz and Google Talk, along with public social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

The search giant then optimises the results connected to a “friend”, with the link including information about who used the link provided, with the aim of bringing you the best result. The news comes in response to Bing’s announcement of a partnership with Facebook last week, likely to improve Microsoft’s search engine in an attempt to gain a higher market share.