Google's Eric Schmidt to go to North Korea

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to travel to North Korea on a humanitarian visit

Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, is set to visit North Korea on what has been described as a private, humanitarian mission

The Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, is to visit North Korea on a 'private humanitarian mission' led by former Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson. The itinerary of the trip has not been made public - neither where, nor whom Schmidt plans to see on his trip - but sources have confirmed the trip could happen as early as next month.

If it goes ahead, Schmidt will become the first top executive from Google to visit North Korea, a counrty whose Draconian internet policies have led some industry analysts to call it the final frontier of cyberspace.

The trip may provide embellishment to some assertions made by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, who said that his country was in the midst of a modern-day "industrial revolution" during a speech he made on New Year's Day on Monday. Kim Jong Un is pushing science and technology as a road to economic development for his impoverished country. While his plans aim to have computers in every school and digitized machinery in every factory, no mention has been yet made about relaxing policies concerning the internet.