Google virus affects 1 million users

Virus affects search results, users now being warned

Google was today hit by a search-hijacking virus that directed 1 million of its users to third-party sites

Google has been hit by a ‘search-hijacking’ virus, installed by hackers, that is believed to have affected more than 1m of its users. Until earlier today, when the problem was rectified by Google engineers, the malicious software directed users to third-party sites that paid the hackers to divert traffic to their web pages.

Luckily engineers noticed the virus when performing routine maintenance and have been able to address the issue by alerting those affected. It's believed the virus was downloaded through fake web-security software known as 'scareware' which then infected the Windows computers and begun redirecting searches.

Google has made sure that all those affected will be made aware through a yellow warning bar at the top of the screen when users search through their website. They will then be given the correct advice on how to remove the 'scareware' which is causing the disturbances to their website.

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Source: Telegraph