Google TV update unveiled

Big G rolls out first tweak to TV offering

Dual View and Android remote control unveiled.

Google has unleashed the first update to its new TV service, rocking up on compatible Logitech set-top boxes and Sony TVs over in the States.

The changes see a new-look Dual View mode, allowing you to move the screen around and resize it while you’re surfing the web. The Netflix UI has been given a tinker and a new movie results page serves up deets on all the latest releases.

The big draw, though, is support for a new Android remote app. That means you can now control Google TV via your Android-packing smartphone.

Google TV is not set to launch here in Blighty until next year, but when it does, you can expect to get all these new features as standard when you splash the cash on a compatible TV or set top box.

Link: Google TV Blog