Google TV to shift one million by end of 2010

Logitech box and Sony's Google TVs will help new service over million mark

Big numbers predicted as Google TV launch nears.

Google TV will top a million shipments by the end of the year. That’s according to component makers in Taiwan, who suggest Logitech’s Revue set top box will account for 500,000 sales, with Sony’s Google TV-loaded boobtube shifting in similar numbers.

These huge figures account for units being sent to stores, rather than punters buying them, but it’s evidence that Google TV’s backers reckon the new service will be a huge hit when it lands in the States in the next few weeks.

Unlike Apple TV, Google TV lets you browse the entire web, so you can chow down on video as well as follow people’s opinions on the latest shows via Twitter. You can also record shows and search via the name of a programme as well as the channel. You can see it in action in the clip below.

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Via Digitimes