Google TV set to launch October 17th?

Leaked doc suggests Google TV to land after Apple TV

Web surfing coming soon to a TV near you

Google is expected to launch its web TV platform just two weeks after the new Apple TV begins shipping.

The information arrives courtesy of a leaked Best Buy document, which suggests the initial release date which was rumoured to be October 3rd, is to be put back to October 17th.


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Considering Best Buy is an official partner for Google's innovative project., the information on an official release date would seem to have some credibility.

Google TV, which sees the company join forces with the likes of Intel, Sony and Logitech, is set to let customers browse the internet, check their emails and watch YouTube all though Wi-Fi or ethernet. Users will also be able to access the Android App Store, and will support Flash for web video and games.

Whether Google is pushing back the release date to put the finishes touches to the platform, or plotting to steal some of Apple's limelight, all it seems will be revealed in the very near future.

Link: Gaj-it