Google TV set for the UK?

Service to make debut at Edinburgh Television Festival

Google TV is set to make its debut in Edinburgh, finally confirming rumours that started last year

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is due to talk at the Edinburgh Festival later today with the potential to launch the Google TV.

Described as "Internet TV", Google TV will allow you to switch between normal TV channels and catch-up services such as I-player, ITV Player and 4OD seamlessly on your TV screens with a single click.

Google TV is a set-top box but how will it differ from Smart TV functionality that is widely available at the moment that allows you to access the web and catch-up services?

With the launch of Google TV and their recent acquisitions such as Motorola and SageTV, Google are positioning themselves very strongly on the IPTV platform. The service is rumoured to launch in the UK in the next six months after its earlier launch in the US.

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Source: TechRadar