Google TV portal unveiled

New website and video show on-demand web TV in action

Quick tours and sneak peek at interface included on new site.

Google TV is set to make waves tomorrow at a Logitech launch event across the pond. But ahead of that, Google itself has been busy pulling the wrappers off its new offering, showing a new website which details just how the service will work.

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There’s a comprehensive look at how you can hop online, a peek at the final interface, which looks ace, as well as a tour of which apps you can load up and get to play nice on your TV. The latter will doubtless be Google TV’s calling card against Apple TV, which you need to jailbreak in order to run iOS add-ons.

Google has also detailed deals with HBO and NBC which will bring on-demand programmes to punters in the States. Us Brits have a bit of a wait before we can have a play with Google TV, with no news on a launch date for these shores.

You can see just how Google TV looks and works in a new official clip down below. Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.