Google TV hardware delays: Google puts the brakes on

Web TVs from Toshiba, LG and Sharp all told to wait

But when will the tech make its way to the UK?

Google has reportedly told its Google TV hardware partners to hold off from announcing any further products until it has improved the overall software offering. The word comes courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, who claims a source close to Google has revealed the delay.

It means that partners in the Google TV race such as Toshiba, LG and Sharp have had to hold off from announcing new sets and set-top boxes, which would probably have taken centre stage at January’s CES expo in Las Vegas. The problem is stereotypically Google, which has a habit of launching software that’s slightly rough-and-ready (such as Android), which finds a home in the tech community but can sometimes alienate the general public. Presumably, the company will want to ge the OS and software of Google TV just right before continuing further.

Whilst there’s been no official word on hardware delays on Google’s part, spokeswoman Gina Weakley did retread the following notion: "Our long-term goal is to collaborate with a broad community of consumer electronics manufacturers to help drive the next-generation TV-watching experience, and we look forward to working with other partners to bring more devices to market in the coming years."

Google TV, which allows users to browse the web on their sets, is available now in the US with boxes from Logitech and TVs from Sony. It’s looking likely to land in the UK in the second half of 2011.

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Link: Via Tech Radar