Google to take on Facebook with Google Me

Facebook-killer Google Me rumours gain momentum

Google Me, a rumoured Facebook-killer, keeps gaining credence.

When Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, tweeted about Google releasing a Facebook-competitor "Google Me", people sat up and took notice.

Known for spreading usually correct Apple rumours, his tweet which cited "credible" sources had more reason to be taken seriously.

Google has previously tried to cash in on social networking, with Orkut, Buzz and Wave. With Orkut only popular in Brazil and India, Buzz reeling from privacy concerns and Wave not really taking off, Google is yet to make its mark on the social media scene.

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Nothing is confirmed yet, but it's definitely one to keep an eye on. If Google is able to exapnd to compete with Apple in the smartphone world, then why can't it take a running leap at Facebook?

Link: Google (via Engadget)