Google to sack another 10 per cent of Motorola staff

New cuts will see a further 1,200 employees fired

Google have announced in an email to its Motorola Mobility staff that a further 1,200 of the workforce will lose their jobs

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, employees from the US, China and India could all be affected by the cuts. The announcement marks the second group of lay offs since 4,000 in August 2011 which saw Google lay off 20 per cent of the workforce.

The email informed employees that, "while we're very optimistic about the new products in our pipeline, we still face challenges."

Motorola was once a leading smartphone manufacturer but has failed to keep up with rivals such as Samsung and Apple.

The email went on to explain the reasons behind the cuts, "our costs are too high, we're operating in markets where we're not competitive and we're losing money."

Google purchased the company for $12.5 billion (£8.3 billion) in 2011 after Motorola Inc. split the company in two leaving one part for mobile devices and one for government and public safety. Motorola Mobility has since reported huge losses but rumours circulate around the 'X Phone' which aims to rival the smartphone front runners.

The company are set to release the RAZR HD later this year.

Google have transferred a number of managers to help run Motorola but have previously pledged that it will not favour Motorola over other ventures such as the hugely successful Android platform.

Source: The Wall Street Journal