Google to rival Apple Airplay with Android streaming box

Company will apparently utilise Motorola tech to make it work

With Google apparently already in the process of creating a pair of HUD glasses it appears as though the company's R&D dep. has been in overdrive

Google are apparently in the process of creating a home entertainment system that would rival the likes of Apple's Airplay and Apple TV systems with a box that would run on Android and stream media to other devices in the home.

It's not yet sure what form the device would take however there have been confirmed reports to The Wall Street Journal that Google employees have been testing out prototypes of the system.

Speculation has hinted towards a portable device which would use Motorola hardware and act as a hub for all Google-connected devices in the house, including Google's recently announced Google TV.

With Ice Cream Sandwich now available for both tablets such as the Asus Transformer Prime and also for smartphones such as the Galaxy Nexus Google is presumably trying to get to a point where it has an operating system which will run on all devices including TVs and Laptops.

Source: Telegraph