Google to lay fibre optic in Kansas City

Missouri and Kansas cities both to get 100Mbps service

After announcing last year that Google would be providing super-fast internet for two lucky cities it now appears as though the company is ready to get started

Google has confirmed that it will start laying fibre optic cables in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas after both cities were selected to get super-fast 100Mbps broadband from Google.

As part of Google's efforts to keep the US up to date with web-based technologies the company made a philanthropic decision of frankly mammoth proportions and confimed they would be building fibre optic infrastructures in two major cities in the US.

Talking on their blog Google confirmed that the planning was over, they had gained all the permissions and were finally ready to start laying the fibre network.

"We’ve measured utility poles; we’ve studied maps and surveyed neighborhoods; we’ve come up with a comprehensive set of detailed engineering plans; and we’ve eaten way too much barbecue. Now, starting today, we’re ready to lay fiber."

It's not yet known how much Google will be charging for the service but they've promised that it'll be competative to other services within the US prompting speculation that the company will be hoping to undercut many of the current fibre optic services.

Source: Google Fiber Blog