Google to launch Android In-app billing next week

Android apps to have in-app payments next week

Android developers...this one's for you

Google has finally announced that In-app billing will be launched next week, with the developer's console already readied for testing of the apps.

According to a post by Eric Chu on the Android Developer's blog, Google is opening up the Android Market for developers to upload and test apps that will be using In-app billing.

App developers can upload their apps now, catalogs of in-app products can be created and prices can also be assigned, with developers allowed to test their apps to make sure everything is in working order before the full launch. The post says, "During these test transactions, the In-app Billing service interacts with your app exactly as it will for actual users and live transactions."

The apps that will be uploaded by developers during the testing stage will be made available to the end users only after the launch of the service next week.

Apps on the iPhone already have the luxury of in-app billing; with Android joining the in-app billing club, developers can make their apps even more lucrative.

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Via: Android Developers Blog