Google targets an Android device in every pocket by 2024

Speaking at MWC 2012, Google has revealed its hopes for Android's global domination

Making the announcement at MWC 2012, Google's Eric Schmidt has revealed Google hopes to have an Android device in every pocket by 2024

Having already risen to a controlling stake of the smartphone market, Google is seemingly set on global domination with Chairman Eric Schmidt revealing the company hopes to see every person in the world own an Android device by 2024.

Speaking at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Schmidt declared Google wants Android’s rapid rate of expansion to continue with the smartphone and tablet OS to be in the pockets of every person in just 12 years time. Google announced earlier this week that it was now activating more than 850,000 Android devices per day.

Stating that the continued development in the smartphone sector would see handsets with specs comparable to today’s current high-end smartphones available for a little as $20 come 2024, Schmidt revealed this widespread expansion could benefit the Android brand.

"The smartphone revolution will be universal," he said. "In 12 years, doing the math - Moore's Law - phones that cost $400 will cost $20, and if Google does it right there'll be an Android in every pocket."

In a potentially cagey game of one-upmanship, Schmdt’s MWC speech was interrupted by Google’s bitter rival Apple with the Cupertino based iPhone and Mac giant issuing the official invites to next week’s Apple iPad 3 release announcement as the Google head took to the stage.

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Via: TechRadar