Google Street View data to be deleted within 9 months

Google promises to get rid of private data within 9 months

Within nine months, all the data Google unintentionally collected will be gone.

Google has vowed it will delete all the Wi-Fi data that its Street View cars inadvertently collected in the UK, within nine months.

Google had admitted to collecting data and passwords in the UK, but while the ICO found Google in breach of data protection laws, it still stands by not levying a fine on the big G.

David Smith, deputy information commissioner told the BBC, "We'd have had to find that there was substantial damage or distress to individuals from the collection of snippets of emails, URLs and passwords."

It's been a roller-coaster ride for Google Street View in the last year. To brush up your techie memory, they admitted to collecting data; then grounded their Street View cars; eventually resumed Street View photography; then was cleared of wi-fi snooping after an initial assessment; then however, they admitted collecting emails and passwords; were found in breach of UK data protection laws and now will start the process to deleting said data.


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Via: TechRadar