Google Street View cars back on UK streets

Blighty gets the Google street view cars back

The Google Street View cars are back on our streets.

Last month, Google resumed Street View mapping in four countries. Last week, the Google was cleared of wi-fi snooping by UK's Information Commissioner Office (ICO).

This week, they're back on the streets of UK, resuming its street view photography in its cars, which have been stripped of all wi-fi data collecting equipment.

While the ICO said that collecting wi-fi data was wrong, it also said that Google had not intentionally collected any wi-fi data. Google had apologized for its Street View cars inadvertently collecting data from unsecured wireless networks in May.

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After a lot of publicity over the Google Street View cars - photographing vomitting Shoreditch boys, revealing a secret SAS base location and being chased out of a quiet town - we look forward to their second run of Street View photography in the UK.

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Via: TechWatch