Google Street View Brazil photographs corpses

Dead bodies spotted by Googler in Brazil

Google removes images of bodies from Street View in Brazil.

Google Street View launches never go quite according to plan. After catching a Shoreditch local vomiting, revealing the location of a secret SAS base and being run out of town by an angry mob in Buckinghamshire, the service has always been entertaining in equal parts for the technology itself and the speed bumps it hits along the way.

But the service's rollout in Brazil took a grisly turn when, just two days after launch, photos cropped up revealing two dead bodies that had been snapped by the Street View car.

The images first appeared on Brazil's mirror of Gizmodo, and shows one of the bodies just lying by the roadside. Google have since removed the images from Street View, and replaced them with a black screen, and have asked that anyone who discovers such images while using the service inform them immediately by using the 'report a problem' button.

Via: Cnet