Google sends Street View trike to Bletchley Park

Trike with 360-degree camera to promote WWII site

Google Street View goes where no car can go - with a trike.

Google is now using its Street View camera for a good cause - helping restore Bletchley Park to its former glory.

Google Street View cameras are now perched atop trikes to get images of the site where German messages were intercepted during World War II.

The trike has 360-degree camera and a trailer behind it.

Google has a list of special collect Street View sites, which are landmarks and international heritage sites, to which Bletchley Park will be added. Other locations include Pompeii and Stonehenge.

These sites have no or limited road access, so extra effort must be made to get photographs for the Street View website.

Google hopes that this will help increase awareness of the site and encourage donations for its restoration work.

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Via: The Telegraph