Google searches fall as Bing grows through WP8

Google's market share drops to 88 per cent

Google may still be the largest search engine by far but thanks to the introduction of Bing on Windows Phone 8 the search engine is beginning to see it's rivals fight back

Google's search dominance may be slowing down after research has shown Google search drop by 3 per cent year-on-year with this Christmas recording it's lowest market share in five years of just 88.35 per cent.

The Telegraph reports that the uptake of Google's Android Operating system has also dropped with researchers claiming the initial boom of first time Android users has begun to drop.

During Christmas, Microsoft's Bing saw impressive growth with the new search engine taking just under five per cent of all search traffic while Ask and Yahoo also saw their figures increase.

Microsoft will be looking to their new partnership with Facebook's Graph Search to see traffic increase while the steady growth of Nokia's Lumia Windows Phones will no doubt help to direct more consumers via the alternative search engine.

Analysts have been keen to place the news in context however with James Murray from Experian Marketing Services pointing out that Google still has around seven times more searches than any other search engine.

The smartphone market however is looking more positive for Google after it was revealed that Apple's shares have dropped after the company failed to hit targets for shipments of the iPhone 5 with Jefferies analyst Peter Misek warning that Apple's slow down was 'here to stay'.

Source: The Telegraph, Reuters